A service for easily design your own watch on the website.

Starter Watch is a service that makes it easier for you to design your own watch with the assist of a website we have developed.
You can get your own watch through following 3 simple steps:

Design online

You can easily design your own watch on the web site.

Get the parts

Your design will be 3D printed and delivered to you.


You can easily assemble them only with a screwdriver.



Try design themes.

We provide three “design themes” which enable you to easily make your own design.


You can make polygonal design simply by moving apexes of the octagons.


You can assemble basic geometries such as triangle, square, hexagon and circle.


You can make unique design by switching on and off of many arranged squares.

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The 3D printing market has expanded rapidly worldwide. However, many people still cannot realize their ideas in data form because of the difficulty of operating CAD software to generate 3D data.

So, we decided to start the "Starter Watch”, develop an easy-to-use WEB interface and automatic 3D data generating system for wristwatches. We believe that there will be a greater demand for services like this in the future.


Planning > Design > Development > Promotion > Production > Selling

To get this project on the stage of mass production and selling, we are willing to collaborate with you. We can quickly realize new ideas because we penetrate whole process of design, prototyping and promotion. Shall we realize an idea to spice the world up? Feel easy to contact us.


Ginger is a creative studio which is aimed to spice the world up. By our expertise of design, promotion and marketing, we support lean process of new product development, crowd fundings, and people who challenge uncertain projects.

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